Experience Vermont with us!

2024 Retreat Dates 

March 22-25 Block Therapy with Beth Roberts

June 13-16 Block Therapy with Amy Lewis and Beth Roberts

July 11-14 Yoga and Fitness with Alex Jeffers and Beth Roberts

Sepyember 13-16  Yoga and Fitness with Alex Jeffers and Beth Roberts


Join us in Plymouth, VT for a wellness retreat where we will have opportunities for R&R and exploration around some of Vermont’s finest scenery. 

Experience local cuisine, all levels yoga and fitness classes, meditation, the outdoors, and meet new friends.

Private or shared rooms are available!

All meals and snacks included and prepared by a local chef.



"When you retreat with me – I’m not trying to change your life or get you to do anything. Simply here to be.

We practice yoga, meditation, mindful walking/hiking, and most importantly we learn about ourselves and perhaps about others."   ~ Alexander Jeffers

Hey there! I am Alex Jeffers and I have been running yoga retreats since 2019. As each retreat has continued to evolve so do the adventures! We have brought people together from all walks of life on our retreats and continue to connect with our ever present and ever growing community. From Vermont down to Costa Rica and beyond! Let’s adventure together!


Killington Boot Camp 

My dream of hosting local wellness retreats has manifested! 

I began my journey in Tulum in 2018 with our first Destination Wellness Retreat planned by Ketanga Fitness Retreats.

Over the past 5 years we have explored Barbados, Cape Cod, Kauai, Tamarindo, Costa Rica and Esterillos Este, Costa Rica.

This fall we head to Italy and Portugal!

Next year Mallorca, Croatia and Portugal are on the list.

And now, I am excited to host retreats right here in Vermont!

These retreats are just the right balance of fun, wellness, adventure and relaxation while meeting new like-minded friends.

I am excited to be sharing my newest passion: Block Therapy in my wellness retreats.

Two of my 2024 retreats are dedicated to Block Therapy,. More info on this practice can be found here. 

amy lewis

Nutriton guru, yoga instructor, personal trainer, recreational athlete

Let’s Do This!!

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