What is Block Therapy?

Oct 30, 2023

 by Beth Roberts

Are You “Blocking” Yet??

If you have been around me or the Killington Boot Camp Wellness Center fitness community anytime in the past few months you have probably heard the buzz about “Blocking”. You may have been asked if you are “Blocking” yet? 


What are we talking about?!


We are referring to our newest practice: Block Therapy.


I found Block Therapy in January 2023 and I have been practicing daily since. 

Within days I was hooked and I knew I needed to continue learning the practice with the Block Therapy community to get my instructor certification so I could share this life changing practice with others.

I started introducing it to my Killington Boot Camp fitness community while I studied and did my student teaching to prepare for my testing.

I got certified as a Block Therapy instructor on June 3, 2023 and now have multiple classes and a limited number of private training offerings in person at the KBC Wellness Center as well as virtual training options. 

We currently have 90+ participants in our new  Block Therapy community and watching them achieve their goals and improve their health has been incredible. 

This practice is for EVERYBODY. All levels and ages will benefit.

Block Therapy will be the base for your overall fitness, health and wellness goals for the rest of your life. Reach out to find out how to get started now. 


What is Block Therapy??


We use a tool: “The Block Buddy”. The Block Buddy is a wood block that is designed specifically for this practice. The Block is crafted with rounded edges and is the density of bone. 


We lie on top of the Block Buddy in various restorative yoga style postures to release adhesions in the fascia that are blocking blood and oxygen flow to cells. By combining these postures with proper diaphragmatic breathing we can heal old injuries, break up scar tissue and bring “frozen” cells back to life. 


The results are phenomenal and include increased metabolism, reduction of pain, greater mobility, pliability and flexibility and improved posture and symmetry in body alignment. All of these benefits contribute to improved overall wellness, athletic performance, improved sleep and digestion and to just make you FEEL better. 


The Fascia system connects every cell, joint, ligament, internal organ and muscle in your body. As we age and go about our daily activities gravity and poor unconscious posture as well as shallow chest breathing pull our fascia out of alignment, affecting our health from a cellular level.

The practice of Block Therapy changes all of this and the practice itself is chiefly meditative and relaxing. 


My experiences over the past few months (with my own practice as well as with my clients) have shown me that the results come quickly and are astounding with a fairly minimal time commitment. 


We are just getting started with Block Therapy at Killington Boot Camp and we plan to expand our class and private training offerings moving forward.  We are also offering virtual classes so you can join us from anywhere!


Our first Vermont Block Therapy Wellness Retreat is on the books for March 22-25, 2024!! This will be in Plymouth, VT at Good Commons. 

Early Bird Black Friday Sale has begun!! More info here!


Alnd of course....Block Therapy Destination Wellness Retreats are in the planning stages! Stay tuned!  😎

Ready to give it a try?

I am pleased to announce a few options for you.


Come try a group Block Therapy class and borrow a block. Limited number of spots available in each class. Contact Beth to schedule your trial class: killingtonbootcamp@gmail.com


Alternatively you can get started on your own with this free Sampler Package from Block Therapy. Try it out to learn the basics and then try a free class with us! They even show you how to make a “Block” out of a towel to allow you to get the feel for the practice before purchasing a block.


Zoom Options

You can also try our virtual class options but we do require you to complete the sampler program before joining our Zoom class. We need you to have a basic knowledge of the practice since the Zoom is not interactive and you will be joining a live class in progress! 


If these options don’t work for you and you are interested in discussing other options to get you started please reach out killingtonbootcamp@gmail.com