What Class Do I start with?!

Dec 13, 2022

 by Beth Roberts

New to the KBC Wellness Center?

Not sure which membership level or class to start with?

We have a well-rounded schedule of programs that will fit any member at all levels!

For Beginners or those restarting their fitness journey, we suggest you begin with Pliability, Strength Circuit, Butts and Guts and Yoga classes. All of these classes can be modified for most levels of fitness. 

More advanced clients will enjoy the Boot Camp, Winter Sports Conditioning and Cycle Circuit (seasonal) classes which involve a faster-paced interval training format with bursts of cardio paired with strength drills. (Please note: some running is required for the summer/fall outdoor classes)

Trapeze Yoga is an amazing total body workout available to most people but does have some restrictions. Reach out for more info! 

Reach out with any questions and/or to set up a private consultation to get you started on the right path at KBC!