Update on Pliability Training Classes

Jul 30, 2023

 by Beth Roberts

Update on Pliability Training classes


I have been wanting to work more suspension (TRX) training into our workouts so I have decided to add it to the Pliability classes.


The circuit style Pliability classes are one of the most popular workouts we offer. By adding a suspension training component to the circuit we will not only enhance the workout we will also be able to have more people attend the classes. I’ll be expanding the class size limit from 12 to 16 people.


These classes are currently (on the Summer 2023 schedule) offered at noon on Tuesday and Thursdays. By mid fall we will also have an 8am on Wednesdays. And I’ll be adding more as we get into the winter months. 


If you need more info on what pliability training is and why we need it, refer to this previous blog post.


This goes into effect this week on August 1st.


See you soon!!