Travel workout tips

Mar 2, 2021

 by Beth Roberts

Staying active while traveling can be challenging to say the least. The most important thing is to commit to doing something everyday. Schedule it if you need to.
Here are some tips from a trainer that lives to travel (me!).

Bring some small, easy to pack equipment:
A TRX (suspension trainer)
Resistance Bands
With a TRX (suspension training) set up you can train your entire body. The tricky part can be finding a spot to set it up. A door anchor comes with the TRX equipment so if you have an appropriate door available in your space that can be ideal. The “appropriate door” needs to open away from your workout space and should be fairly sturdy.
If you are able to be outside for your workout that opens up many options. I have often found a fence on a recreation field or around a tennis court and clipped my trainer to the fence. In fact, I have taught outdoor group suspension classes for years using the fence around a tennis court. It’s an ideal setup.

Don’t overlook tree branches and playground equipment. There is a strap that also comes with your suspension equipment that can be wrapped around a branch, monkey bars or a swing set’s cross bar. You can just hook your carabiner to the strap and you’re good to go!
Resistance bands are small for packing and easy to use while traveling as well. I typically bring a small loop band and sometimes throw in a handled band as well. The same door anchor I use for my suspension workout can be used with the handled band. This allows me to do a full body pliability workout.



Gliders are also a compact item that I throw into my suitcase. They are reasonably priced and easy to use on any carpeted surface. Some hotel rooms are limited on space for door anchors so using the gliders and your small loop band could be your alternative in this case. Gliders can be used for lunges, planks, etc.

If you are staying in a hotel that has a gym that is an obvious option. Typically hotel gyms have limited equipment but use that to your advantage and try something you don’t typically do. The last time I was in a hotel gym I used their lat pulldown machine and a chest press machine. I never use this type of equipment and I did enough that I could feel it for a few days to follow!
Try something new! Find a yoga session on Youtube and follow along! All you really need for this is a towel or mat and your phone or laptop!
Bodyweight workouts are also a great option. Not sure what to do on your own? Ask your trainer to put together a travel plan for you. I offer this to my clients as a one time program set up. They have the option of using my online training app or just following a plan I email them. If your trainer doesn’t do this, contact me and I can help!
Just keep moving! And, don’t understimate the hotel room workou