Getting Started at the KBC Wellness Center

Aug 25, 2021

 by Beth Roberts

Getting started at the Killington BootCamp Wellness Center

We offer a large variety of group exercise options at the Killington Boot Camp Wellness Center. At first glance it may be overwhelming and/or confusing. Where do I start? What do I do first? How many classes a week should I do? 

Our fitness coaches and yoga instructors are the best in the region with many years of experience working with clients of all levels. That being said, the degree of intensity, pace and physical requirements of the different classes offered definitely still plays a role in where you will feel most comfortable.

We are dedicated to your overall wellness experience at KBC. Starting off with the appropriate class will enhance your fitness journey. We absolutely encourage cross training and recommend taking the time to try a few different classes to get a solid variety. 

In a nutshell, the short answer to "Where do I start?": 

For Beginners or those restarting their fitness journey we suggest you begin with Strength Circuit and Yoga classes.

More advanced clients will enjoy the Boot Camp classes which are held outdoors (weather permitting) from May to October. (please note: some running is required for the outdoor classes)

All regular schedule classes are 60 minutes unless otherwise noted. 

And here's the longer answer, with more detail about our fitness coaches and yoga instructors and their styles.

Let's begin with the general fitness classes which currently include: Boot Camp, Strength Circuit and Cycle Circuit

Strength Circuit:

This class is always held indoors, so if you aren't a fan of putting your hands on the ground, swatting bugs and dealing with various weather conditions this may be the best place place to begin! 

This is a low impact class with a slower paced strength based focus. This basically means you won't be sprinting across the room but we may have you do some burpees. But, burpees can be modified for all levels. We do a variety of strength training drills including bodyweight drills as well as use of various equipment such as kettlebells, dumbbells, suspension (TRX) style equipment, pliability training, gliders, sandbags, ropes, medicine balls etc.

The strength circuit class is the most accessible to all levels of fitness because of the pace and available modifications. Your coaches can work with most levels for this class. 

Cycle Circuit:

Spin class meets strength circuit. This is an interval style class of coached indoor cycling intervals combined with strength training drills, Particpants alternate between cycling and strength circuit (as described above). This is the only class that we require shoes for. Cycling shoes are not necessary and not recommended because of the pace and format of the class (you'd be changing your shoes every 5-6 minutes).

This class is fine for beginners that are comfortable on the indoor bike. The cycling portion can easily be modified for all levels and is great low impact cardio workout.

Boot Camp:

This is our signature class! This is how KBC began 13 years ago. This is the most advanced class we offer but can also be modified considerably. There is definitely some runnng required and we typically  keep a fast pace, so this may be something to work up to if you are new or just getting back into the fitness scene.

Seasonally (typically May-October) we take this one outside whenever mother nature allows. 

Outdoor Boot Camps typically include a mix of cardio based drills and sttrength drills. Cardio drills outdoors include: hill running, agility ladder and cone weaving courses, a variety of traveling drills such as side shuffles, high knees, power skips, bear crawls, traveling burpees, etc. Strength drills include truck tire carries and flips, sandbag carries and tosses, heavy rope slams, medicine ball passing, etc

Indoor Boot Camps are similar in style to the Strength Circuit but are faster paced and include cardio based intervals. We use a lot of our indoor toys in these classes including staircase running, box jumping, rebounding (mini-trampolines), cycling, rowing, etc!

Next, let's discuss our Yoga Classes!

I'm going to break this down a little differently. If you are new to yoga I recommend starting with Galen's classes (instructor name is alwayslisted next to the class on the schedule), Karen's Yoga (a little slower paced than her "Vinyasa" or Yin Yoga before progressing in your yoga journey,

Galen teaches a IPT style yoga (integrated positional therapy) which combines the breath and fluid movement of a hatha yoga class with targeted stretching and stengthening of key muscle groups. This is the perfect compliment to an active lifestyle and is appropriate for all levels.

Yin Yoga is a quiet, meditative practice with long, gentle, deepholding of passive floor poses, This pratice is ideal for beginners and the perfect compliment to any training routine.

As I'm writing this blog post our yoga schedule is in transition with the season changes but Karen Dalury will be teaching a basic yoga on Tuesday nights (starting September 28th) which would also be a good starting point. 

More advanced yoga classes include:

Tuesday morning yoga with Danyelle. This is more of a power flow. 

Wednesday Trapeze Yoga invloves special equipment and you must contact us to be cleared to take this class for the first time (there are specific health requirements involved) 

Thursday morning Vinyasa with Karen 

We are also bringing back the 4:30 Saturday Apres Ski Yoga with Kelli Clifford starting in November. 

Our class schedule is currently expanding and shifting for the fall and winter seasons, so bear with us as we shuffle times around. Just keep an eye on the website's schedule page for the most up to date info! 

Check the schedule page on our website here

I hope this article helps. To get started, decide what your goals are and map out a realistic plan for yourself. We can help with this as well.

Sneak peak: coming in September: our new "Accountability Club" will help keep you on track. The basic level of this is free to all members with unlimited memberships. This includes access to bonus features on our custom app and individual consultations may be scheduled to guide you on to the right track to reach your goals. 

My next blog will dive deeper into explaining all the member bonus features available to you as well as details on our new Accountability Club and how to schedule your free consultation. Consultations will begin Monday September 13th. I look forward to helping guide you toward your goals. 
Please reach out with any questions!  .

See you soon!

Keep moving!!