A little apple cider vinegar each day could change your life

Mar 6, 2021

 by Beth Roberts

I remember being told to “enjoy my youth…it gets harder every year, and the years speed up.” I have slowly started believing this since my late 30’s. I still wasn’t quite convinced because I felt fairly spry in my early 40’s. I was doing 15 mile obstacle course races. I opened a fitness business, I got close to being in the same shape I was in when I was in my 20’s. “40 was the new 30” to me! I was confident I was going to fight off all the aging with my good genes and healthful lifestyle. Sadly, it still crept up on me. 51 hit me like a wrecking ball.

My joints are creakier, I don’t bounce back from injury like I used to and I definitely need more sleep and recovery time. It’s when I started to gain weight and not be able to just take it off by cutting out wine and cheese for a week that the reality hit. I needed to take better care of myself from the inside.

I know exactly what I should be eating, I had just gotten lazy and reverted back to my version of an unhealthy diet. This involved snacking on cheese, eating pizza too often and drinking alcohol regularly. In the past I could clean up my act and slim down fairly quickly once I set my mind to it. To be clear, I am NOT recommending this “habit”. I have been trying to change that vicious cycle for years. I think I’m onto something now, I have found a lifestyle change that works for me and I feel better already.

I recently decided to embrace a plant based diet again and I am never looking back. I had been vegan back in my mid 20’s for about 5 years but had since renewed my relationship with dairy products. I also ate fish and eggs. Just over 2 months ago I went cold turkey. I gave away the last delicious block of aged cheddar in my fridge because I couldn’t bear to just throw it out.

The main reason I went vegan was to reduce inflammation in my body. Inflammation is the cause of disease, weight gain, and just overall discomfort. Eating an anti-inflammatory diet is a great way to get your body to feel, perform and look better at any age. It’s not as hard as you think, and once you start eating the right foods your body stops craving the bad ones. I feel better in just a few months and I am noticing clearer skin, better sleep, improved digestion and more!

If you are considering trying the vegan lifestyle I have two recommendations:

Watch Game Changers on Netflix. Trust me. Just watch it.

Get help. Plant based is more than just salads. Try this Vegan 30 day challenge to get started, it is a great guide with recipes and shopping lists.

Give it a try? Ok, if going vegan isn’t your thing, here’s another way. Start with some apple cider vinegar. This offer is a great start for that.

I’ll be back with more information on how to fight inflammation in your body. I’m determined to feel better every day and I’ll continue to share my hacks with you!